Generation City Church supports a number of Local and International mission endeavours

We encourage you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to meet our monthly financial mission's commitments


Scripture in Schools (SRE) 

A cross-denominational Board oversees and administers Christian Education in the public schools of our city. We provide monthly financial support for the provision of both curriculum and teachers


Africa: Beira (Mozambique) - Robbie Housen

In partnership with the Training Institute of Mozambique, (I.T.M.) we are contributing to the training and development of indigenous Church Leaders who are commissioned to plant local churches across this war ravaged and poverty stricken country. Our support also includes I.T.M.'s provision of health care through its recently established clinic as well as the training of people in agricultural development.

Lighthouse International (Julia Love)

Lighthouse International provides itinerant support to missions endeavors around the world. From ministry input to leadership training; from morale boosting to the provision of temporary relief for weary missionaries, we help this organisation achieve its objectives with monthly financial support.

Watoto (Jackie, age 11)

As a church, we support Jackie through the work of Watoto in Uganda